Dr Taghreed Alsaraj

Master educator and motivational speaker

I have traveled the world as a master educator and motivational speaker, but it’s here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that my heart lies.

Growing up as a child in Washington DC, I was used to moving countries from an early age as my father worked as a diplomat.

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From the US, I moved to France and Pakistan, only to return to the country once again to pursue my master’s degree at the University of Miami in Florida, where I began my career as a research assistant.

After I got married, I moved to London to complete my Ph.D. at the UCL Institute of Education — the education school of University College London. Once I was done, I worked at Birkbeck, a public research university and a constituent college of the University of London.

Later, I worked at the University of California, Berkeley, as a researcher and as vice-chair of the Berkeley Entrepreneurship Program, thereby becoming the first Saudi to hold the two positions at the prestigious school.

With newfound experience and a confidence to match, I once again started traveling the world — this time not to learn but to teach

After being invited to give talks by universities in Japan, Istanbul, the UK, the US, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

What keeps my passion for teaching alive is a drive to ensure my students excel in their education and careers.

It also led to an online course on doroob.sa and helped me put together The Anxious Language Learner: A Saudi Woman’s Story — an Amazon best-seller which was later translated into Arabic.

Now back in Saudi Arabia, I work as a consultant to help entrepreneurs start their own businesses with the help of the “Nine Tenths” program sponsored by the Saudi Human Resource Development Fund and managed by Takamol Holding.

This is when I am not working as a director on the board of the University of Miami’s Alumni Association, or for the Madinah Academy School in Madinah, or as vice president of the International Coaching Federation’s Saudi chapter.

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