Al-Bandari Waeel Al-Ajlan

Visual artist and dentist

I am a visual artist, dentist, and member of “digital smile design & emotional dentistry”. With a bachelor’s degree in dental surgery, I have been a health care administrator and dentist since 2012. 

I also own a gallery called @Phoenix_galeria, where I produce acrylic paintings. My areas of focus are emotional intelligence, emotional painting and art therapy. They blend beautifully together. After all, dentistry is a medical and scientific art.

Al-Bandari Waeel Al-Ajlan Faces of Saudi by Arab News
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I moved to the US when I was three with my mother, Dr. Hala Alkhalidi. She was the first Saudi female candidate selected for a clinical pharmacy scholarship at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center.

During this time, I bounced between the US and Saudi Arabia. Once high school came, I moved back to Riyadh to live with my grandparents while my mother stayed in the US to finish a degree. It was tough being different and adapting to the change of language.

In my last year of high school, I was hit with news that my grandmother had been diagnosed with cancer. Even though she was under treatment, she was adamant that I received a proper education. With her full support, I traveled to Egypt where I trained at October 6 University, gaining lifelong friends and sisters.

During my second year, my grandmother lost her battle with cancer. Knowing my education was important to her, I had to keep going.

During my internship and final year, the revolution in Egypt took place and I dealt with surgical traumas resulting from the uprising. After proving myself, the head of the maxillofacial department chose me to handle surgical cases without supervision.

After graduating, I moved back to Riyadh and found a job at Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group. After five years maintaining emergency and Friday clinics across all branches, I moved to Dallah Hospitals. 

I always dreamt my childhood hobby would become a business one day and I decided to pursue my passion for painting.

It gave me an emotional release and sprouted into a new beginning as Phoenix Galeria.

I hope my art has an impact on others. The story of my future is a limitless canvas. I go on painting day by day, one color blending through another. 

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